I'm Cinzia, born in Milan and roots from Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. I always felt however, a little "citizen of the world".

"Home" for me, means places where I had the opportunity to live more deeply: for this reason "I belong" to several places and I always am happy to extend the list!

Here I am: an art historian who has never ceased to be one, mixing the passion of university studies and works passed to the present of hospitality, truly lived with the pleasure of letting you know the wonders of the area where I live.

The charm of the masterpieces of nature or art, natural architecture or created by brilliant scholars, the uniqueness of typical cuisine, the people who characterize the place, the traditions and curiosities are THE JOURNEY that I love and this is THE HOLIDAY that I wish to convey to you at the B&B.


Let me tell you something: trough the B&B, thanks to you and the meeting of different cultures, I never stopped to travel staying at home!

Cinzia, B&B Villa Clementina Laveno Mombello Lago Maggiore


B&B Villa Clementina rooms