The house

The historical and artistic period of Art Nouveau or Modern Style has left numerous architectural testimonies on Lake Maggiore and Varese. Our bed & breakfast located in the pretty town of Laveno Mombello is a testament to this, and in Villa Clementina you can move in an area that offers common spaces ... like those of the past!

From the panoramic garden where you could not resist to stay, you can experience the unique, but always different emotion of the natural spectacle of sunrises and sunsets on Lake Maggiore!

Our B&B is situated on the ground floor for easy access to your accomodation.
After the wrought iron gate, you'll pass through the beautiful garden and you'll be welcomed by the main door in wood under an old wisteria who has taken over the pergola entry. Entering you'll be observed by an angel-warrior painted on the fresco of the ceiling, where you'll see also musical instruments and some white swans of the lake Maggiore.

Welcome to Villa Clementina!


Breakfast Room

A coffee flavoured Good Morning, while the Lake Maggiore outside invites you to explore it

The breakfast room brings a part of the history of b&b Villa Clementina through a theme dear to all ages: music. This art which probably originally had the function of this room is told in the frescoed ceiling. There are a lute, lyre, flute, and center to score indicating perhaps the historicity and its origins, while the four corners medallions, portraits of figures probably related to the work, faces a speech embracing a more contemporary time of the villa itself .
A connection between past and present a curious continuity: an antique wooden furniture worked (with a show of mirrors and leaded glass cabinets) which exposed pastries at the bar, pastry shop and great-grandparents Ferdinando Clementine station Busto Arsizio, is currently located in this very room. Nowhere could seem more appropriate and meaningful!
A small balcony overlooking the garden and let you enjoy the freshness of palm trees and views of the lake Maggiore and the gulf of Laveno Mombello. 

-Suite- camera Rosè

A pink light frames the Lake Maggiore

Our room with its own balcony and view to the the lake Maggiore, Laveno Mombello and the garden. It is the suite.

With the rosé room you'll live the lake with a touch of romance. In this room you'll be enveloped in the soft color of the ceramics made from the expert craftsmanship. The soft rosé-pink of the ceramic floor is opposed to the simplicity of walnut furniture in "poor art", so it's just a combination of art craft and the beautiful natural scenery of Lake Maggiore.

The rosé room has its private bathroom, as well as all the rooms of the B&B.


Green room

Where the joyousness of nature leaves its colors!

Villa Clementina is surrounded by a spectacular scenery, even for the colours of nature: the green meadows, the bright "pastels" of flowers, the warm wood of the trees ... here in this room, you'll find continuity between the images you see during the day, visiting the gardens by the lake Maggiore, and the deserved rest during the night within the mighty walls of the villa. Green is the color that surrounds you, also with the presence of the auspicious four-leaf clover and a bit 'of history in the antique furniture!

The green room has its private bathroom, like all the other rooms of the B&B

Blue room

Crossing its threshold you'll find yourself in an ancient time...

In this room, you can feel the Art Nouveau or Modern Style history of Villa Clementina, represented here by the predominance of the blue colour in the fresco on the ceiling, where are a cherub and flowers. This blue remind to Lake Maggiore and it is also reflected in the floor, where you'll move your steps on the same relaxing color reading a bit 'of history in the ancient wood furnishings.

The blue room has its private bathroom, as well as all the rooms of the B&B.


Meeting Villa Clementina will give you a grandiose view on Lake Maggiore.

It joins the majesty of nature with the poetry of a building, which tells its story, its own story.

It is an haven of peace, not cut off from the world in Laveno Mombello.

It will plunge you joyfully into an enchanting landscape, which is reflected in the water, without renouncing its mountains.

You will be welcomed by a grand seasoned wooden main door and by a garden with some ancient plants, which will envelop you with their perfumes and their colours. A few frescos are preserved inside and they date back to the building year 1892.

It is nice to remember that B&B Villa Clementina was built up for an occasion of good omen: it was a wedding present to a rich and wealthy family of landowners.